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          MEXICAN FLAG: IT TAKES A COMPLIMENT                                      WIDTH OF BASE

         OF 12 MILITARY MEN TO RAISE & LOWER IT.                                     OF FLAG POLE






Can You Decipher What It Means?





I’m a 5-year veteran “American” resident and business owner in Cancun. After complaining for the past 5 years, about why nobody takes the time or makes an effort to tell you, the visiting American, (who’s spending all that money to make Cancun the resort gold mine it is) how to do things (everyday things) or how to prepare for your trip, I decided to do it myself! The funniest thing of all, most Mexicans (not all) think they know what you want, but they’re not Americans or take the time to “learn” about Americans, so it’s almost impossible for them to “really” know what you need to know or what you may really want. Example? Well, let’s see. How about no real milk (it’s boxed). Or, if you bought a cell phone here, why aren’t any of the recordings in English? Or, how the hell do you call home; how does home call you; and better, how do you use the local pay phone? Most think we all will be ecstatic just drinking Tequila, sitting in the sun (burning) and having the music turned up to Cyber level when you’re just trying to have a drink and talk (sometimes impossible).


This web site is published for you, the “new kid on the block”, who comes with the naivety of the typical American I’ve seen so many times here, who realizes they haven’t a clue as to what to do but drink that Tequila & get that quick sunburn! If you take the time to study what I have to tell you; print out what you feel applies to you; use what I’m going to “teach” you before you go and while you’re here, I guarantee you a much better trip.


My “Recommendations of any business on this site are based purely on personal experience and NOT because of any advertisement that may appear. I decided from the beginning of this idea, that only a “true picture” was to be “painted’ and not to allow any “influence” to “sway” opinions published. So, know in advance, that any person or place specifically recommended here by me is based only on my personal knowledge and experiences, not any possible monetary remuneration. If there are any advertisements on this sight of a specific person, service or place, be assured they advertised on their own and if I recommended them, they advertised “after the fact”. I will not allow any business to advertise to be recommended. Anything else “mentioned” is just that……”mentioned”, (WITHOUT RECOMMENDATION). I have tried to categorize various issues for you. I hope you will learn and enjoy Cancun, Mexico as I have, after having “been there-done that”.


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